The US Glamour Magazine Woman Of The Year Awards took place at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Monday night. They're like the UK Glamour Magazine Woman Of The Year Awards but without an inebriated Lily Allen getting carried out by a manhandling bouncer.

A few very famous faces and not so famous faces graced the arrivals hall in various garb. The serenely understated mingled with the painfully understated (you narrowly escaped getting fingered for that, Estelle). There was the demure and the sublime. The fluffy and the blindingly shiny. The slightly undersized and the ridiculously over the top... Hellooooo Rihanna.

At least she's covered up (bar a hint of side boobage... and she could have thigh high boots on under there). It is stunning, but I've an inkling it would feel more comfortable attending The Oscars.