Here we are, nearly a year into Zoom meetings, and people STILL don't know how to make themselves have a normal, civilised video.

But hey, at least that means we have an entertaining video to watch while these poor, unfortunate souls make a hames of everything. This latest Zoom meeting fail sees a US Congressman enter a call with his head appearing on video upside-down.

During a virtual Committee meeting in Minnesota, Republican Tom Emmer began to address the committee while his head floated upside-down. Cutting across his speech, however, chairwoman Maxine Waters asked: "I’m sorry, Mr. Emmer? Are you okay?"

This leads to various people chiming in asking, "Can we get him right-side up?" and "Is this a metaphor?".

The final zinger of response by one of the committee's other guests is the cherry on top. They say: "At least he’s not a cat."

This is probably a reference to another viral video which was doing the rounds online this week. A lawyer during a Zoom meeting had a cat filter on themselves and wasn't able to turn it off.

Here's the video for you to have a laugh at.

Another recent fail from a couple of weeks back saw a woman on BBC Wales be interviewed while her *toy* remained in the background of the shot.