So, here's the one and only sweet natured Mel Gibson departing The Shelbourne in Dublin yesterday. Apparently he also enjoyed a spot of dinner in Pichet, and was happy to pose for photos which were then promptly posted to Twitter.

According to The Independent, Gibson has been "braving the Irish countryside to scout film locations... The director, who shot to fame in the 1980s with his roles in Mad Max and the Lethal Weapon films, was offered 1,600 Defence Force Reserve personnel for epic battle scenes, tax incentives and the use of historic sites and castles as incentive to film Braveheart in Ireland."

Wonder what they've offered him this time around... "What about this plot of land in the Phoenix Park? Or would you like to be King of Kerry, Mel? Actually, you can buy the whole island for €122, 023, 750, 999.0000000?"

As it happens, I was asked to be an extra on Braveheart. I accompanied a friend to the open "auditions" and they chose me over him, which was a bit awkward. Apparently I looked "more like a Scottish traveller". Funny that.