UPDATE: Greece Changes Strategy - Is a Dictator on the Cards?

Call us old fashioned but would it not be a whole lot more fun and beneficial to have Sasha Baron Cohen as your temporary leader than this boring judge geezer? Greece being basically bolloxed anyway might as well have a month of fun before being led up the Euro gallows that is being hammered together in Bonn. How much damage could he do? Quite a bit I'd say. Greece could send him on a number of foreign state visits. How about a few hours with Angela Merkel in his pink mankini lathered in Greek olive oil? She'll be tearing up that Greek debt before you can say "Alexander the Great".

Earlier today: Facebook Buys Greece - Euro Surges!

After years of uncertainty, stability has come to Europe with the somewhat surprising announcement that Facebook has bought Greece. Crowds celebrated in Athens as Mark Zuckerberg announced, "They were going for a good price and we'll pay off a big chunk of their debt. I'm planning on getting a passport soon and we're moving out of Ireland and the US and setting up shop in Greece. Why not? We own it". Analysts are saying that the fractured ancient society will now be brought together as Greeks will now all 'like' each other. What's more, the hoody, Zuckerberg's favourite clothing item, is set to replace that "fuddy duddy acropolis" as the national cultural icon. Asked if this bold move would effect the Facebook public flotation on Friday senior financial analysts in Goldman Sachs observed, "Hell no, I think they're looking at taking Portugal out next".

The Euro has since surged on the announcement.