As the beef rages on between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker continues, there's another former Sex And The City star who's been pulled into its orbit - none other than Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbes in the long-running series.

As previously reported, Kim Cattrall publicly stated that she didn't want condolences from Sarah Jessica Parker, and said she was using Cattrall's recent tragedy - her brother, Christopher Cattrall, recently died - in an exploitative way to maintain her "good girl persona."

Cattrall's made it clear in another Instagram post that her beef is singularly with Sarah Jessica Parker, and noone else in the Sex And The City cast, as she thanked Cynthia Nixon on Instagram for getting in touch. "Cynthia, hearing your voice meant so much to me. Thank you for reaching out. Love Kim #SexandtheCity."

Here's a screenshot of the post, with Cattrall's comment at the bottom.

The beef continues.


Via Instagram