If you've hung around a university or your local hipster hideout, you'll have spotted the man bun.

For those who are unaware, the man bun is a tightly wound knot of hair on top with a close shave at the sides. It's been sported by the likes of Colin Farrell and David Beckham amongst others.

However, a university in Idaho, America has put a stop to the man bun or top-knot, as it's sometimes known. The Brigham Young University in Idaho has begun enforcing disciplinary action on students who arrive on campus with the man bun. "All employees and students at BYU-Idaho are obligated under the Honor Code to encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code," explained President Miyazaki.

The ban on man buns has received wide praise from official quarters in the university, with one student, Mirayvi Lugo, defending it. ""I think there’s a difference between being stylish and appropriate," Lugo said. "We have an honor code for a reason, and if we don’t have people enforcing it, then what’s the point of the Honor Code?"

The Honor Code they're referring to is a university-wide document that prevents extreme hairstyles or clothing outside of the norm. It's no surprise that Brigham Young University is enforcing the rule as it's run by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church.

Mormons are known for their strict obedience to its cultural tenets, which ban drinking coffee, tea, cigarettes, alcohol or any kind of drugs - legal or otherwise. Which, when you consider this, it's no wonder they banned top-knots.

Imagine if they walked around Trinity, UCD or NUI Maynooth for a day. Their heads would explode.


Via BYU-IScroll.org