Because what could motivate a student more than a quality education that improves their life prospects in general? Cookies, probably.

Two universities in the United States have introduced a novel way to get students to pay attention in lectures and classes by rewarding them with food, which is really what we're all after at the end of the day.

The app is called Pocket Points, and rewards students with points for not looking at their phone for a set amount of time. In the case of Penn State and the California State University, they've set 20 minutes as the timeframe, with each student getting a point if they manage to not look at their phone during that time.

The app is location locked, so students only get points when on campus, and they can spend them on anything from merchandise (10 points will give students a 15% discount) to cookies, with 15 points getting you two cookies at a cafe on campus. If they manage to rack up enough points, students at Penn State can even earn themselves grub from Bradley’s Cheesesteaks and Hoagies, pizza and calzones from DP Dough, or clothing from Dwelling Boutique.

Let's all be honest here, if you were told you'd get free pizza if you worked harder, don't you think that would motivate you?

Via i100. Main pic via Christopher Holden/Flickr