Popular sports brand Under Armour have added another name to their list of star athletes: Muhammad Ali. 

The former boxer and arguably the greatest of all time might not have set foot in a ring in over three decades, but that doesn't mean that his name doesn't still command some serious respect after Under Armour announced that they would be partnering with the sporting legend. 

They're not wasting any time either, with a limited edition t-shirt being the first product in the line, which goes on sale today as a launch product, while the rest of the "lifestyle apparel" range will be out next month. 

Speaking about the new partnership, Glenn Silbert, vice president of men's, outdoors and team sports for Under Armour said that Ali's reputation for being innovative in the way that he trained, as well as being an icon, was why they wanted to partner with him: "We wondered what Ali would have been like if he had a brand like ours when he was getting started and how great it could have been. That has been the mentality of our design team throughout this process."

His wife Lonnie also released a statement saying that both she and her husband "are truly flattered to have Under Armour pay homage to Muhammad in such a significant way".

Undoubtedly, the decision was driven by the hope that both parties could make some cash off the deal, something that Silbert hinted at when he noted that they had spoken to retailers and "asked them how they'd respond to Ali products and the immediate response was 'Do it, let's go'". Ali has previously teamed up with Adidas, amongst other sporting brands, and this move looks set to continue his track record of success in the world of workout gear.