Here are my hands *waves*, reluctantly being flung up in admission *sighs*. Me and the hands, with which I type, were wrong. To narrow down the scope of that last statement - we were wrong about Xpose.

When news came two years ago that TV3 were launching its own daily E! type entertainment news show, a couple of things crossed our minds, namely "HAH?!", and "Do we really have enough news to populate five half-hour shows a week?" and "Does it really require so many brightly coloured presenters?!" Lingering questions aside, TV3 have pulled it off. Between countless jaunts to red carpet events at home and in London; Aisling popping out of various people's closets; Lorraine and Karen's banter back in the studio; and Lisa's boobs being flown all the way to L.A. to cover the Oscars (and anything else LA related; lord they made her ladies work that week) - they've created an entertaining balance.

Now, they're branching out. I scuttled along to the Merrion yesterday morning to be greeted with the site of the five fillies (bar Glenda; we were informed she was "unwell and due back in work on Monday"...), arms clasped around each other, like a line of luminous sweets doing a very subdued version of The Walls of Limerick. This was the result of them being directed by several photographers - something they'll have to get used to considering they're hosting an event called Xpose Live.

Here's what the press release says: "Get up close and personal with the Xpose girls and leading fashion and beauty experts at a three-day Xtravaganza (now, did you see what they did there?) at the RDS - from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th May 2009... One of the main highlights of the show is the Xpose Fashion Stage in the Shelbourne Hall" which will feature "45-minute performances of handpicked models and dancers showcasing the latest trends in the fashion world... (here's the real important bit) exclusive goodie bags will also be on hand."

If the thought of being a foot away from an Xpose giddle alongside oodles of fashion related items AND the promise of a goodie bag, thrills the bejesus out of you, have a hawk at for additional details.