Irish Times journalist Una Mullally is no stranger to criticism. Her views on the world, this country, and this referendum often divide opinion, and rarely leave her column's comment section short of a heated debates.

But today Una tweeted out some hate mail that she received from a 'No voter' that crossed the line. As is the nature of opinions, everyone is entitled to one, although that can be questioned at times, like in this instance.

Wretched doesn't sum up the content of that letter, so we'd hate to see the rest of the abuse she's had to endure. Obviously the referendum is a hot issue, but whatever side of the vote you lay, nothing gives a person the right to talk to someone in this manner.

In a classy move from Una, she decided to keep the name of the letter's writer to herself, which, considering the circumstances, isn't something I could imagine too many of us doing. Fair Play.