An unnamed Dinamo Kiev player has spoken about the incident when Kiev captain Oleh Gusev almost lost his life on the pitch on Sunday, praising the efforts of Dnipro midfielder Jaba Kankava whose quick actions prevented Gusev from choking to death on his own tongue.

Gusev, 30, was knocked unconcious in an accidental collision with his own goalkeeper Denys Boiko, after which his body seized up and he swallowed his tongue.

According to the players, who didn't want to be identified, Kankava  "acted like a real doctor... amid screaming and yelling" and that "everyone was yelling... screaming 'breathe, breathe'".

"Jaba was trying to unclench Oleh's teeth so he didn't suffocate. As the doctors arrived, they snagged Gusev's tongue with special pincers. It was important not to lose courage in that situation", the player told Dynamo Kiev's official website

The Ukraine international Gusev suffered mild concussion and a broken jaw in the incident.

Mykhailo Radutskyi, president of the medical facility which Gusev was rushed to after the incident, said that "He saved Oleh's life. He acted like a competent emergency paramedic."

What a hero, we're sure you'll agree.

Via BBC Sport