Stop the presses. I hear a premiere took place in Leicester Square last night and an actual celebrity turned up. OK, said individual reputedly isn't the most talented person on the planet, but they're a worldwide name and have been for well over a decade.

The premiere in question was for The Kid, a film directed by Nick Moran (him off Lock, Stock etc) and based on the bestselling autobiography by Kevin Lewis. In the States, it's being described as "Precious with skinny white people," while Moran prefers to see it as "Slumdog Millionaire set in Croydon" (if you wish, you can read more of Moran's insights in our exclusive interview with him, Con O'Neill and - weirdly enough - World Boxing champion Steve Collins). In short, it's brutal and honest.

But back to the guest list *twirls*. Right, we've got the obligatory EastEnders, past and present; an Inbetweener; Hofit again; bona fide actors who appeared in the film, such as Jodie Whittaker, Shirley Anne Field, the wonderful Bernard Hill, and Alison Carroll's groin (the film's impressive star, Rupert Friend, AKA Mr. Kiera Knightly, failed to show, which was a shame); KT Tunstall; Tracey McGurny features; a pair of fly catchers; argh! Adele Silva; Leslie Philips?

Aaaah, don't tell me, I should've just looked at the photo. Kylie Minogue turned up, didn't she. Wow. One might even say that's unusual. As it turns out, it's not that unusual given Ms. Minogue is an "ambassador for the NSPCC."