As the British general election ramps up, many candidates have been canvassing their manifesto to the voters.

One such candidate is Susan-Anne White, who's not afraid to put her views out in the open.

What's her views, you might ask?

Here's just a quick rundown of what her campaign hopes to achieve:

  • Restoring corporal punishment in schools
  • Criminalise homosexuality and adultery
  • "Oppose the LGBT agenda, whilst showing compassion to those who struggle with gender confusion" - that's a direct quote, by the way
  • Oppose those who believe in global-warming
  • Ban halal slaughter and install CCTV in all abbatoirs
  • Uphold the right to hit your child
  • "Remove State-sponsored amoral sex education from schools" - that's also a direct quote
  • Probably ban teaching kids that the Earth isn't flat or something, who knows

Here's a press clipping from her published manifesto.

And here's a few reaction .gifs to showcase our emotions when we first read this stuff.

If you're worried about her getting elected, however, don't be. Susan-Anne White stood for election in local council last May and received just 67 votes.

In fact, she herself doesn't think she's going to win. "I believe in a God who can work miracles but, realistically speaking, I don't think I will win."

You may possibly be thinking that by us mentioning her platform, we're giving her the attention she so desperately wants.

But, let's look at it like this. People like this who promote these backward, almost laughable views deserve to have a light shone on them.

And we're happy to do just that.