Since the Curiosity Rover - NASA's robot explorer on the surface of Mars - has come back online, images have begun to be transmitted back to Earth.

The grainy, black-and-white images are being made freely available online for all to see. It really does show you how far technology has come that we're able to get clear images from Mars and analyse them for ourselves.

Naturally, however, people are seeing things others may have not. Ufologists - that's the term for people who study extraterrestrial life and UFOs, by the way - claim they've discovered something from one of the recent images sent back by Curiosity.

The image, posted by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory a few days ago, has been scrutinised by ufologists and they believe they've found a woman in the images.

Here's the full image. See anything weird? Click for the full-size image.




Yes, that weird little shadow thing you can see there is apparently a female creature about 8-10 centimetres high, according to ufologists. They say they've heard and seen evidence of tiny, tiny people masquerading as aliens in the past so, naturally, this all fits with their thinking.

Look, we're just reporting it. We're not subscribing to the idea that this may be real. But, wait. What if we... ENHANCE IT SOME MORE?


It all makes sense.