Already, Ufologists (those are the people who study sightings of UFO and other paranormal activity) have claimed that they've seen a tiny woman, a face that looks like a woman and found footage of a supposed, hidden NASA mission to Mars.

So naturally, finding the statue of a 1,500-year old deity completely makes sense. Absolutely. Why wouldn't it?

The supposed statue was captured by the Mars Curiosity Rover almost a year ago and has been poured over and analysed by Ufologists. Some claim it's evidence of a formerly advanced civilisation that worshipped something similar to a humanoid shape, while others believe it's a representation of Buddha, the Indian guru who created Buddhism in 530BCE or some man sitting in the Lotus position, which was favoured and popularised by Buddha.

Others think it's just a rock formation that looks strangely like a human person. Here's the original image. Click on it for the full-size image.


Here's the supposed statue, highlighted.


Here's that circled area, zoomed in and highlighted.



Case closed. Bake 'em away, toys.


Via NASA / Jet Propulsion Lab