The strange occurrences happened on the morning of Friday, 9th November. A number of pilots asked the Shannon Airport Air Traffic Control unit if there were any military exercises taking place... but there weren't. 

News coming in from The Irish Sun is that pilots who were flying near Shannon Airport over the weekend reported seeing "unidentified objects" in the sky. It's believed three different pilots have been recorded saying they saw something that they can't explain.

A British Airways pilot asked Air Traffic Control mid-flight on Friday morning, "Is there any military exercises going on now? [...] Ok. It was moving so fast that I couldn’t even really see it." The Irish Examiner has managed to get ahold of the audio from the BA flight that was going flying from Montreal to Heathrow.

A Virgin Airlines pilot also said they saw "multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory"; while another saw something "astronomical, it was like Mach 2."

The Irish Aviation Authority has confirmed that an investigation into these strange occurrences is currently underway. They said, "This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process."

It's believed Mulder and Scully are currently hot on the case, but have yet failed to comment on their involvement. The truth is out there people.