After dropping a few hints on social media, UFC's Dave Allen confirmed in an interview that the company would definitely be returning to Ireland. 

The Irishman stated in an interview with MMA Junkie ahead of Fight Night 69 that the UFC would definitely be returning to Irish shores later this year, confirming what many people had speculated was being teased by them with the release of a picture of the Dublin crowd on Instagram earlier this week. 

Allen said "I guarantee we're going to Ireland this year, I want to go back home, have a pint of Guinness maybe, so we'll definitely be going. In the next 10-11 days we'll be making an announcement about when our tickets are going on sale, so stay tuned for that."

Allen also hinted at more shows in Europe, as well as across the other regions of Africa and the MIddle East that fall under his remit, saying that the region he's keeping an eye on is pretty big: "It's 129 countries, and we've been to six of them, so we've got another 123 to try and get to. Everybody wants us to come, and that’s a fantastic place to be in. We want to look at some new markets, for sure. that we haven't visited in the past, and I think that one of or priorities will be to try and break into some of the big mixed martial arts markets - the likes of Russia."

Via MMA Junkie