Remember Bop It! from your childhood? That really annoying / loud game that everyone had?

For those that can't, Bop It! was a child's game that involved players hitting a corresponding light on the device to keep it from going off. Essentially, it was a rip-off of Simon Says, another child's game from the '80s that became hugely popular.

Anyway, Bop It! is making a comeback of sorts in arguably the most unusual of places - an Uber car. The driving service is conducting an experiment in the US city of Charlotte, North Carolina, involving Bop It!

The idea is that the game will be left in the back seat for customers to play with, thus preventing them from pestering the drivers and distracting them. The belief is that drunken passengers will be more likely to entertain themselves with Bop It! than annoy the driver with drunk-talk.

"An intoxicated rider who is engaged in something interesting is less likely to be irritable and aiming aggression at the driver," explained Joe Sullivan, Uber’s chief security officer. One of the main threats to driver safety for both Uber and taxi drivers in general is from aggressive passengers, usually when drunk.

This isn't the only odd experiment Uber has conducted on its passengers. In Seattle, some drivers have fitted self-facing mirrors behind the front-seats as psychological studies have suggested that people are more likely to self-regulate when they see a reflection of themselves.