After several false starts, ill-fated press screenings, various cast members walking out and/or getting maimed thanks to fancy wire work, and MOUNTAINS of cash - the Broadway musical production of 'Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark'  finally officially opened at the Foxwoods Theatre last night.

Several famous folk (and countless cast members - see here, here, here and here) turned themselves out to mark the occasion - like Bill Clinton; Oprah's mate; Andrew Lloyd Webber and his daughter (didn't she get off lightly); someone who should start embracing a bra; Julian Casablancas; Fran Lebowitz; Steve Martin and Liam Neeson checking each other out before moving in for the hug; Helena Christensen in serious Peperami alert; Spike Lee's family (he did indeed call one of his children Satchel); MATT DAMON; Barbara Walters; Cindy Crawford's family; John McEnroe's family Bugsy Malone, and someone who went to the trouble of tethering Barbies to her shoes.

Ah, and who could forget the men of the moment, Bono (who left his web-inspired leather jacket home for the evening) and The Edge (who might have bad breath). Now all that's left to do is to sell out the theatre every night until the end of time.

If you can't afford a jaunt to New York to see the spectacle - the Muppets have kindly come across with their interpretation.