In case you missed it, a teenager in Tyrone is tending to thousands of tadpoles in a paddling pool. She has ended up becoming an internet sensation.

Hannah McSorley hails from Co. Tyrone and decided to make use of her time in lockdown in an unusual way.

She has spent it growing 37,927 tadpoles in her backyard.

Day by day, people on Tiktok and Twitter have been watching the little ones grow. McSorley has attracted thousands of followers with her venture, with her videos amassing millions of views.

The 17-year-old appeared on RTÉ News  of late and gave the most heartwarming interview about her endeavour.

She explains in the segment how she came to discover the frogspawn and how she wanted to educate her little brother, Paul, about them.

The interview explains her feeding and maintenance routine. She also spoke about how her followers elected a "tadpole president." FYI, his name is President Nugget.

It's just the sweetest thing.

You can follow tHannah's account on Twitter here or search on TikTok.