I dunno, he's a rapper / RnB singer / producer/model / actor or some sh*t. Anyway, he's been working with Chris Brown since his "alleged" attack on Rihanna and had this to say of the matter: "Although he appears to be really strong through all of this, it’s really taking a toll on his spirit. People like me and Puff (P Diddy Combsy Seanny Daddy Pop), we're just trying to show him love and keep his spirits up while he's going through all of the heat, and there are a lot people doing the same for Rihanna... It's really hard for him to focus right now on his music, even though he really wants to. At the end of the day, I'm not trying to justify it because wrong is wrong, but unfortunately, us as entertainers, we have to grow up on stage with a lot of people looking at us. And a lot of people forget that he's 19, she's only 21." Yeah, some people act their age, while others who - oh - get shown "love" and affirmation when they resort to physical aggression (AKA the calling card of the ignorant) tend to stay the mental age of eight all their lives.

Rihanna was pictured yesterday snouting out potential properties for herself in LA, which is a fiercely grown up thing to be doing. Especially after she suffered a bit of a set back last week. Noooo, we're not talking about her taking "a break" from Chris, we're referring to her entertaining the company of Lindsay Lohan's ex, Wilmer "That 70s Show Was the Apex of my Career" Valderrama. According to The Mirror, Wilmer put the moves on when Rihanna spent some time at Hollywood's Geisha House last Wednesday: "Rihanna looked so pretty and Wilmer could hardly take his eyes off her. They were chatting and laughing for ages. They looked pretty cosy and relaxed in each other's company. Wilmer was all charm and even had a bottle of champagne for Rihanna." Out of the frying pan and into the bottomless quarry of another boy's insecurity.