This pair are solid A1 people. Gold stars all round.

Two strangers did their good deed of the week and caused quite a stir online after coming to the aid of a dog that was left tied up outside a shop during a massive shower unbeknownst to its owner.



The teenage couple caught the eye of Jon Sparkes, who works in a bingo hall across the road from the shop that the dog was tied up outside, who noticed their kindness and ran out and gave them umbrellas after they had stopped to shelter the Alsatian with their own jackets. The pair remained there for 20 minutes until the dog's owner came back outside, oblivious to the fact it had been raining.

"As you can see the dude has taken his top off to protect the dog," he told Metro. "The dog was there before the rain came. They’ve selflessly protected the dog from rain and we’ve seen that and gave them umbrellas. They were really grateful and they waited there until the owner came back, and was also very grateful to the couple.


More of this in the world please.

Via Metro