Two Russian pranksters by the names of Alexei Stolyarov and Vladimir Krasnov are claiming that it was them who called Sir Elton John, pretending to be fearless leader, Vladimir Putin.

Apparently one pretended to be Putin, while the other said he was his translator. Previously John had said on his Instagram a discussion on equal rights with Putin had taken place, while a spokesperson for Putin said this wasn't the case at all, and that basically they had no idea what he was talking about.

The duo apparently spewed all to publication Komsomolskaya Pravda, and a quick search will tell you they've done this type of thing before.

John had posted on his Instagram that he was looking forward to meeting Putin “face-to-face to discuss LGBT equality in Russia." 

The Russian media were savvy to John's claims, possibly because they know Putin better, and had speculated that it was most likely a hoax.

“We thought it wasn’t likely that Putin would want to meet with him and call, at least not so quickly,” The prankers said. “But it turned out that Elton John was really waiting for this call, and so he immediately believed it really was a conversation with the people who we said we were. He said, ‘Thank you, you’ve made my day. This day and this conversation has been the most wonderful and lovely in my life.’"

John obviously thought he'd made a difference in an extremely important issue, so that above quote is not at all funny and we're absolutely missing the joke here. Maybe we need a translator.

John has yet comment.

Via The Guardian