Look, at some point or another haven't we all wanted to go for a late night swim?

The problem is, where's open at those hours? We're not about to go swimming in a lake or a river at night, so we're either going to let the idea float out of our heads, or wait for the morning to have a dip.

You'd have thought that'd have cover all of the options, but no, because you could just as easily break into a waterpark while drunk and go for a bit of a dip. Sure, there's a strong possibility of being arrested, but that didn't stop these two Kerrymen.

Eric O'Shea and Conor Walsh were in Tralee Disctrict Court today facing four charges of burglary, having broken into the Tralee Aqua Dome on June 24th. Walsh had also broken into the building the two nights previous, before being joined by Mr. O'Shea, who apologised in court for his actions and claimed he was drunk at the time.

Both men have been remanded on bail to appear before the court again on October 7th, and have been placed on curfew between 10pm and 9am.

Via Newstalk