How very dare they. Some little shitbricks thought it would be just high-larious to push over one of our capital's most famous statues, the Phil Lynott's statue, which stands just outside Bruxelles, last night. Having been damaged - I repeat, what little bollocks's! - it has since had to be removed for repairs before it can return to its home overlooking Dublin's Grafton Street. Hopefully it'll remain somewhat in tact, having only suffered a tear in the bronze coat.

Gardai are now on the lookout for two lads who apparently are to blame for messing with Thin Lizzy's frontman. They are said to have left the Grafton St area and headed towards Wicklow St in the wee hours of the morning.

Lynott's mama, Philomena, the ledgebag that she is, has already forgiven the culprits, saying to Hotpress: It seems now that it was just a bunch of high spirited boys, who meant no harm. So I am not annoyed with them. I’m only hoping that none of the lads got hurt."

Ah jaysus, isn't she lovely? A true Irish mammy. If it were me, however, they'd be getting a clatter across the ear.