We’ve heard of love at first sight, but come on, this is ridiculous.

If you havn’t heard of it before, iRadio’s “Three Strangers” was a challenge the station held in which a woman would have to choose one of two men to marry. The catch, if that wasn’t strange enough, is that she never gets to meet the fellas.

The bride, Juno, who was picked by the public, had to send one of Janus and Jupiter, along with their entire wedding party, home on the day, thus choosing to live happily ever after with the remaining one. Well, we hope so anyway.

The lads were among a larger group of entrants, who were whittled down by Juno, and then given a chance to impress through phone calls and an actual physical date, although a giant screen was used to prevent them from seeing each other.

In case you were wondering, no, those aren’t their real names. To make sure they couldn’t find each other online, iRadio gave everyone a fake name. Look if you’re going to start throwing up giant screens in restaurants, the least you could do is have a code name.

That level of secrecy was of course kept up on the wedding day, but if you think the grooms would just be made wear some creepy masks and stand around, you’re wrong. No, wait, you’d actually be dead right.

Anyway, Juno(Ann Marie) eventually chose Jupiter(Nigel) in a humanist ceremony, leaving poor old Janus, plus his family and friends, in just about the most awkward position we can imagine.

Ann Marie and Nigel then said their vows, had the obligatory kiss, which we hate to keep bringing it up, but must have been gut-wrenchingly awkward, before leaving to, I don’t know, get to know one another? That’s not a pun, that’s just something they’re going to actually have to do now.

The idea behind the challenge was to see if love truly was blind, and to let a couple get to know each other without the pressure of looks, or any other distractions. All joking aside, it’s an interesting idea, and while we can’t say if it worked or not just yet, we wish them the best of luck in seeing if it does.

You can learn more about the challenge and listen to all of the audio from the weeks leading up to the big day here, and if that’s not enough for you, here’s the video of the wedding.