Two police officers in Philadelphia who were on the beat on Christmas Day will more than likely look back fondly on their day on the job, despite the fact that it was a holiday.

The main reason for that will be the fact that they helped a woman to deliver a baby after she went in to labour on a train. According to BuzzFeed, they received an emergency call and ran to the train where they where they found Yanjin Li, the expectant mother.

Sergeant Daniel Caban and Officer Darrell James realised that it was too late to get her to hospital, so they helped to deliver the baby right then and there on the train, and one Instagram user snapped a picture of the moment too.

The officers were pretty thrilled to have done their good deed for the day, and as the chief of the transit police pointed out, days like this are what make them most proud to protect and serve.

The two officers also stopped by for a quick visit to check up on the new mum and how her new son, Chris, were getting on.

The poor guy will of course now have to suffer through getting a single present for both his birthday and Christmas forever, since they fall on the same day. Oh, cruel fate!

Via BuzzFeed. Main pic via Thomas J. Netsel/Twitter