Russian Bond villain President Vladimir Putin is infamous for his stance of gay rights, or rather, his belief in a lack of gay rights.

Russia essentially has a state-sponsored policy of homophobia that's made the country inhabitable for the LGBT community and, as you can, imagine vastly affected the business gay bars get. It's a crying shame because gay bars, even if you're straight, are literally the best craic one can have.

Swedish comedians Far & Son obviously agree, as they've built a gay bar on Vladimir Putin's island retreat of Aland. Named Blue Oyster - in reference to the gay bar from the first Police Academy movie - the comedians say they're serious about the bar. "Someone will build this again with cement next year, then it will remain there forever. The Blue Oyster will be the only thing you can see from the moon, apart from the Great Wall of China. They will never take us alive."

Unsurprisingly, the Russians aren't happy and have said that Far & Son are facing three months in jail for vandalism and hooliganism. It's not surprising, considering the Blue Oyster Bar on Aland offers "gay kisses, hand jobs and blow jobs" to its patrons. The stunt is to raise awareness of Russia's homophobic policies and, undoubtedly, to embarrass Vladimir Putin.

Maybe he'll go in for a sneaky one? Can't imagine there's much going on Aland.


Via Aftonbladet