I was wondering why Kim Woodburn was heading into the jungle... Channel 4 have only gone and axed How Clean is Your House and Wife Swap. Boooooo. Where are we going to get our fix of dead rodents festering behind fridges now?

The head of Channel 4, one Julian Bellamy, said: "The de-commission of Big Brother (wheeeeeee!) earlier this year has been the catalyst for a process of creative renewal right across Channel 4. As a result, I have now made the decision not to re-commission Wife Swap and How Clean Is Your House. Both these shows have been huge hits for the channel, but our focus must now shift to finding the next generation of ground-breaking shows When Wife Swap launched it was a truly ground-breaking programme, which heralded an era of new factual formats (not to mention delightfully voyeuristic) right across television. It was challenging, impactful and connected with a large, mainstream audience. I am now looking to find new ways to challenge the mainstream through entertaining and provocative programmes."

Brill, you can start by giving Kimmy her own show. Or at the very least have her come clean Alan Carr's Chatty Man set mid-interview. Picture it: "Cooor, Alan, you'll never guess what I've just after finding wriggling in your wotsit drawer. You dirty, DIRTY boy!"

What a coupling. That's telly magic right there. As for Aggie, back to the laboratory full of petri dishes for her.