Two staff at Air Malta celebrated their wedding with a pretty unique gesture recently, as the love birds went on a short flight after the ceremony. 

The pilot and cabin crew member decided to mark the occasion of their wedding by taking off on a 100-minute long flight that went in a heart-shaped route, staying pretty close to Sicily so that they would be able to see Mount Etna from the aircraft. 

Speaking to Sky News, a spokesperson for the airline said that they thought it was a touching and romantic way for the two to celebrate, and that "they were joined on the flight by family, friends and colleagues who had been at the wedding". The flight's status was also listed as 'just married' on the departures board in the airport where they started and finished their journey.

Pic via i100/Aladdin Attiga on Twitter

A lovely romantic gesture, but that's got to have used an awful lot of fuel, meaning their wedding had a fairly big carbon footprint. We're just saying...

Via i100. Main pic via Flight Radar 24