As with most things on Twitter, unless you see photographic evidence or some kind of verification, you have to take it with a pinch of salt.

After all, media literacy isn't taught in schools and sophisticated disinformation campaigns are being waged across the internet that are intent on subverting democracy with oligarchal rule and fascism.

There are also people who, it seems, make stuff up because it's fun and why not. This story, however, from Shiv Ramdas comes with enough detail and humour to it that it's got to be real. Now, if you're wondering how it's all so lucid and real, it's because Shiv Ramdas is himself a writer.

The whole thing kicks off when Shiv's brother-in-law in India, tired of having to trek back and forth from the shop for rice, decides to come up with a way of bulk-buying a load of rice. Wires cross, and somehow, an entire truck filled with rice appears in front of his sister and brother-in-law's house.

From there, it gets worse. Much, much worse.

Right there is where we're going to stop because, honestly, it becomes so much more funnier as it goes on. If someone hasn't thought about buying the filming rights to this, do it now and you've got yourself a crossover comedy caper hit for 2022 or whenever they start making movies again.

Again, what's sceptical about all this is that there are - near as we're able to ascertain - no imagery of said truck or anything that can be construed as photographic evidence. From people chiming in during the thread, huge rice delivery lorries are common enough in India - but them arriving at someone's house is less so.

Not only that, our guess is that Shiv Ramdas - who was dutifully live-tweeting the whole thing - is not actually in India, but rather is on the phone to his mother and he's live-tweeting this on to us.

Either way, it's comedy gold.