A bunch of Twitter users send an ambiguous and potentially relationship-runing text to their other halves as part of yet another Nathan Fielder Twitter prank. The experiment saw Comedian Fielder asking his followers to text their partners telling them that they hadn’t been completely honest and then to ignore any texts calls for the next hour.

Some of the results are pretty hilarious. Some of them elude to the ending of a relationship. One included the retort "Me neither..." *Ouch* and one particularly savvy recipient saw through the prank asking "Are you going to tell me you got 2 grams for $40 next?"- referring to Fielder’s previous prank. Moral of the story, you should probably stop doing what Nathan Fielder tells you to do unless you're looking for an easy out in your relationship, then by all means, text away.

Here's a selection of some of the best: