Twitter has once again gone into meltdown after a classic movie from the '90s gets dragged by a critic from The Guardian.

Although its not a perfect example of expert filmmaking, the reaction to 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' being labelled "a joyless hit that should stay in the 90s" has Twitter all riled up.

The Kevin Costner action adventure, also starring Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater, was the second-highest grossing movie of 1991. Blending English and American actors into the feature film didn't work out incredibly well for the production, nevertheless, the audience rating for it on Rotten Tomatoes is a solid 72%. It's pure mind-numbing '90s action - what more could you want?

Well, according to The Guardian writer Scott Tobias (the same critic who said 'Shrek' was "unfunny and overrated"), the movie hasn't held up all that well 30 years later. Directed by Kevin Reynolds, Tobias says his directing style, as well as Hollywood's biggest star at the time Costner ensured that the movie was "determined to make it as joyless as possible". He also says Costner was "charmless and embarrassingly miscast" in the titular role.

Whether correct or not in his observations, Twitter has a lot to say on the matter. Here's some of the biggest beef people are having with his review 30 years on.

You can read The Guardian review here.