It was a historic day in Scotland yesterday as they took the polls to decide their future, and it has obviously been a huge topic on Twitter since.

With a huge turnout of over 85%, there was no doubt that the people had spoken by the end, and the level of engagement in the democratic process was one to be admired, no matter which way the vote went.

One of those who campaigned on the social media platform for a No vote was the ever-vocal Piers Morgan, who promised that if they stayed in the UK, he'd head back to America. By the looks of it, he's keeping up his end of the bargain anyway.



Often a rock-solid source of information to predict the outcome of many an important political vote, pieces of KFC chicken appear to have let the side down this time.



Of course, there was a pun (there always is) that was perfect for the situation, and there was only one man for the job: Twitter user James Martin a.k.a. Pundamentalism.



Last night as the voting continued and the result began to take shape, people were also tweeting about the referendum and how things were really in the balance. This particular photoshop was one of the best, and is going to be hard to beat.


Things also got a bit meta with this fairly hilarious social media update from Scotland that was posted another social media platform.



Channel 4 News had a great meme in the can once the result became clear, which they posted earlier.



Still, there may be grounds for a recount, because we're not sure about these figures...



There were plenty of Mel Gibson/Braveheart memes too, as you might expect.






Perhaps, however, the mood was best captured by the fact that the following hashtag was trending this morning after the news that the No vote was official.