Unfortunately, this year's Oscar Red Carpet was devoid of Jennifer Lawrence and her general quirkiness.

Indeed, the night itself was a pretty bland affair with Neil Patrick Harris' comedic moments failing to land in any real way.

It did, however, provide us with one of the most desperately cringey moments caught on camera. Scarlett Johannson, a vision of beauty in emerald, was on the carpet getting her picture taken by the dozens of photographers.

Then, suddenly, a wild John Travolta appears.

Yes, Travolta tried to get a kiss with ScarJo, but it looked like she was clearly having absolutely NONE of it. Look at her face, like.

However, ScarJo wasn't the only one to experience full creep John Travolta last night. It got even weirder when he was brought out to introduce Best Original Song with Idina Menzel.


And here's that moment in question with Idina Menzel. Yikes, man.


You can watch the edited-down version tonight on RTE 2 from 9PM, although there's no guarantee they left that Travolta / Menzel moment in.

It was just too cringey and weird.

Meanwhile you can check out all the red carpet yays and nays, hits and misses right here.

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