Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher to her friends) is 89 years old. EIGHTY NINE. Her age, however shouldn't even come into this. The following words printed about her appearance shouldn't be written about anyone, irrespective of age.

I know I'm one to talk, having thrown shade over a multitude in the past, but that's usually involved questionable fashion choices or remarkable facial procedures (again their choice - no one else's business in the grand scheme of things, etc). There are, however, certain things that remained off limits - generally things involving someone's actual embodiment.

Regarding Dame Lansbury's appearance at the Olivier Awards on Monday, The Daily Mail saw fit to print the following:

Everything horrendous aside; would this have been written about a male counterpart of her years? Kirk Douglas? Christopher Lee?

Obviously, twitter is up in arms.

No doubt Quentin Letts is feeling rather proud of himself right about now. She was in National Velvet FFS, is NOTHING SACRED?!