It's a stressful enough time at the moment for everyone, nevermind having to try and find a new gaff while the world is how it is. Unfortunately for one Twitter user, this exact situation is what he and his housemates face - but he's managed to get back at the landlord in a delicious virtual tour of the house.

Passive-aggression isn't normally the way anyone likes to be treated, but given the circumstances here, we're all for it. Scottish actor and producer Sandy Batchelor recently uploaded a house-viewing video to his Twitter account, giving a quick whistle-stop tour of his London flat.

Explaining that he and his housemates are "basically being forced out" of the flat by his landlord, Sandy's tour might not be what his landlord or letting agent were expecting. Walking around the house and pointing out everything wrong with the flat (and everything that they'll be taking with them once they leave), the level of passive-aggression is to commended.

Already garnering over 4.5 million views on Twitter alone, you'll want to watch Sandy's video until the very send to get a full view of the getup he wore throughout the house walkthrough.

Check out the video below.

Sandy's house-viewing video has been receiving a lot of traction online, and one part of the video, in particular, has become a firm favourite.