A map by loverofgeography has gone viral on Twitter after highlighting the European countries most to least likely to offer a guest some food at their home.

People are suffering a bit of virtual culture shock based on the results of the map which ranks countries most to least likely to offer you a bit of grub if you're a guest at their home.

Most surprisingly for many Irish Twitter users, were the stories coming from Sweden, one of the countries least likely to offer dinner at their homes. A story even resurfaced from reddit of a child at his friend's house who wasn't offered any dinner while the rest of the family ate.

Let's start with the map.

People were shocked at this story from someone in Sweden. Some Swedes are commenting underneath agreeing that this is in fact custom.

Meanwhile... some people disagree with the map and food sharing tale.

So of course, people have started to poke a bit of fun.

Based on the map, people have begun to slag some of our own.

But this user makes a great point. We don't want so and so's mother's cooking. We want our mammy's grub.

And a very brilliant portrayal of Irish versus German hospitality has resurfaced.

We're a little surprised that Ireland has been ranked "usually" likely to provide dinner to guests — we've all been at the receiving end of two dinners when we're playing with our friend and grubs up, and then we come home to mammy who has dinner number two ready and waiting. The Swedes may never know of such a thing.

Where do you stand on the debate of the dinners?