Twitter is hoping that you'll spend even more of your time on the service now as they introduce a number of new features to keep you connected.

The social media service is looking to introduce bits and pieces of other popular messaging apps that will allow you to use Twitter rather than having to move across several different platforms, including videos and chat groups.

The new update, which is rolling out across Android and iOS (as explained in their blog post), will allow you to chat to up to 20 users in a group in direct messages, so it's private rather than being visible to everyone, while the video clip feature will let you upload up to 30 seconds of video footage.

The video player will work similarly to Vine, where you touch the screen to record, but the videos won't automatically start playing in your feed in the same way they do on Facebook. Speaking to The Verge, produce director at Twitter Jinen Kamdar said this was an important move and would change Twitter for the better, given how it's used for breaking news and trending topics: "We thought, what would Ferguson be like if everyone was armed with a video camera in their pocket? Or think of the Ellen Oscar selfie. What would the Oscars like once video is available?"

With so many celebrities and big names on Twitter, they are also hoping that they will help to get behind the new video feature and push it to the forefront, while the direct messaging will be a bit different. The feature is one that is not widely used at the moment, but given that the new group chats will be hosted in there and you don't need to follow everyone in the group to be involved in the chat, it could become more popular.

These features are part of a number of changes with Twitter in the last few weeks after the introduction of the while you were away feature, so you can expect your feed to look mighty different in the coming weeks. Essentially, a load more videos.