Love is hard to define: it's that special feeling that draws you to someone, the bond you feel with them that defies words, and at this time of year, we turn our attention to trying to define it...and also tweeting about it apparently.

Thankfully, while we're all struggling to come up with the right words about love, Twitter have gone and put together the much more romantic rows of data and numbers that will help to explain its effect on us and the rest of the world. 

In a post on their blog, they've managed to chart out the countries where the most people are tweeting about their feelings and junk (losers), and somewhat surprisingly, Ireland has not made the top 5 list. Shocking, we know. Anyway, these are the five places where people are all over social media with their lovey-dovey stuff in the run up to Valentine's Day. 

1) Sweden
2) Slovenia
3) Israel
4) United Arab Emirates
5) Norway

Of course, the date is only based on the phrase "I love you" in the various different languages, and doesn't include any variations of the term "shift", which may help to explain why Ireland sits in a lowly 39th place.

However, they have even made a map that shows all that information for you too, and you can click on the image below to get a look at it in detail and the full list of loved up countries.

As if that wasn't enough data, there's even enough Twitter activity to give us all an idea of the pattern of love throughout the calendar year, with all the major relationship milestones and when they're most likely to occur, including divorce. 

We hope you're all preparing yourselves for March. 

Via Twitter