Meet David Willis. David is a Texan man in London who last night found himself in quite a unique situation that may or may not be a book lovers dream but is certainly a nightmare for most.

According to Willis, he was browsing away in a Waterstones book shop in London's Trafalgar Square last night for a mere 15 minutes and when he came down to the rest of the shop to leave, he found the lights off, zero staff and a locked door.

This is the sight that greeted him.

Doing what any sensible person would do, David contacted the company who assured him someone was on the way but when that failed to happen hastily he took to Twitter and Instagram in search of help.

Initial hope was not high, as Waterstones social media people had checked out for the day.

But then his plea was retweeted furiously into the night and help he did find. Sort of.

It's really not the help Willis wanted, but it's what he got. And hey, at least there was a happy ending?.

So what's the lesson here? We'd like to think it's that, when a shop says it's closing in 5, don't wander in thinking they can't close without you leaving, because they will just lock your ass inside. And unless you have a smartphone and some 4G or WiFi, you're screwed.