Oh dear. It looks like Twink isn't happy at all.

The singer / entertainer - real name Adele King - has given a recent interview with in which she has announced that one of her dogs has been kidnapped.

The dog, a miniature Yorkshire Terrier, was micro-chipped and is believed to have been taken between the hours of 3.30 and 6.30 in the evening. The dog responds to the name Ted.

Meanwhile, her other dogs - and this is where it gets interesting - are devastated, especially since one of them recently died. The names of said dogs? Bertie Ahern, JJ McNamara, Rita Kelly, Mary Agnew, Rosie Kinnitty and Peanut Sheridan.

That's right, she's named one of her dogs after an ex-Taoiseach who was investigated for corruption. And that's the dog that died recently. Amazing.

Twink has said that she is heartbroken over the loss of her dog and has even attempted to patch things up with Linda Martin, who she infamously called a "c*nt'.

According to Twink, Linda Martin "is a very powerful woman in the dog world of finding and housing and rehousing and contacts and websites."

Right so.

Twink has posters up in the Knocklyon area and is appealing for help in finding the dog and is offering a reward for the safe return of the dog.


via Independent.ie