OK, thanks to a 'Catwoman Goes Gothic at Studio 54' ensemble, Kristen's got the derriere covered this time (in case you recall 'last time' here she is looking stunning at the LA premiere earlier in the week). And the front and back of her legs. And not much else. Hey, she's 22, she might as well wear intricate 'doily vamp chaps' while she can.

Taylor Lautner, meanwhile, freed himself of the shackles that come with shirts, instead opting for 'Banker does Sonny Crockett' look. And Robert, I do appreciate a shiny shoe. Dashing.

Black seemed to be a recurring theme at last night's London premiere, the last pit stop for the Twilight junket (4evah), with the three single birds from The Saturdays, Kimberly Nixon, Lauren Pope, X Factor fodder, and several others choosing the classy look.

Those who preferred having the focus purly on them included mum-to-be-part-deux Peaches Geldof, MyAnna Buring's bosoms, Judi Shenkoni, Tamara Ecclestone, and Harry Derbridge. Who indeed knew he could find a jacket too small for him.

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