So, it's happened. Here they are, photographed together at the LA premiere. And Robert is indeed wearing a green suit. And if Kristen looks like she's naked, that's 'cause she kind've is. Let's take a closer look at the ensembles, shall we?

There's nothing more diversionary than a see through dress. Obvious perks aside, it must be said that Kristen just looked stunning. The hair, the make up, yes, the see through dress, but beyond all that it's the first time I've seen her not looking awkward. Perhaps it was the hugs she got from her dad  (not a ZZ Top member as far as I'm aware) beforehand, but she really looked radiant. Apart from this picture here, which is an unfortunate angle, but what's a girl to do when some of her fans are two foot high.

Pattinson and Lautner cut dashing figures in their shiny suits, even if Rob's one hums of The Riddler a bit. Everyone else put on a good enough show, with Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene looking suitably ethereal, Julianne Hough looking gothic, Dakota Fanning rocking Kingfisher Blue (is the hair for a role?), and so on.

Yep, I'm getting to those who buggered it up nicely. Michael Sheen. The role is over, why do you resemble a rent-a-drac from a kiddies party? Kellan Lutz, ideally your suit should never clash with itself. Shawn Robinson, nasty case of pink red eye, there . Stephanie Meyer, I know you're a Mormon, but that jacket thing could do with losing the top two buttons. Alexandra Patsavas, just because you share the same initials as Austin Powers it doesn't necessarily mean you have to dress 'groovy baby'. Yes, you've got legs, Judi Shenkoni, but you're also in possession of a body part we don't need to see.

And then we have Elle Fanning. Where does one begin. Geisha gone anemic? What's the story with the early learning floatation devices? Footwear aside, and it's very hard to put them aside, what is this she's wearing on the top half of her body? It looks like discarded flesh from a tummy tuck, but with handy pockets. Or like she's found a load of wedding cake ribbon and twirled around in it until it resembled, well, twirled cake ribbon.

Can't believe her big sister let her go out like that. Actually, hang on sec, I can.

>Ashley Greene worried about Kristen Stewart's fling