Yes, he's a heartthrob, but one will never cease to wonder at the many faces of Robert Pattinson. For example, I've only included two photos of Taylor Lautner from last night's LA premiere, 'cause his face only has two settings (squinting and smiling, and squinting and not smiling). But look at all the expressions Pattinson has on offer, particularly when dealing with his co-star's third leg.

Robert Pattinson: "Um, Kristen, have you noticed what Taylor's got coming out of his crotch? It's immense."
Kristen Stewart: "Honey, I can't listen right now, I'm concentrating on smiling genuinely. I'm also trying to highlight my slit. Do you think they can see my slit?"
RP: "Seriously, this is one of the final premieres we might attend together, I can't let him and the guy in the red crushed velvet suit show me up. And Ashley is busy showcasing how versatile she is for future work; she can pout, she's got hair, she can almost hold a pen properly for autographing purposes... what have I going on? What do you think, Willow?"
Willow Smith: "mmmhhhmmmm."
RP: "Drat... OK, there's only one thing for it..."
Security: "Sir. Don't embarrass yourself, sir. Keep it for the missus. She has a fine slit there."
RP: "OK. I'll just try to smile then. With my eyebrows. I'll always have the eyebrows. Throw in a bit of tongue to keep the ladies happy."