Last night, James Franco won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for a Comedy or Musical for his performances as Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist (check out his acceptance speech here).

Not all have been commending the actor on his win.

The Golden Globes were heavily oriented around the Harvey Weinstein allegations and subsequent sexual abuse scandals that have emerged from the industry, with attendees of the awards ceremony wearing black to raise awareness of the recent events while several people won a Time’s Up pin.

Franco was among the actors to do so and one person to call out the actor when he won his award was actress Ally Sheedy. Franco directed Sheedy in an Off-Broadway production of The Long Shrift, and it is unclear what is the exact incident she refers to in her since deleted tweets:



Back in 2014, Franco attempted to start a relationship with a 17-year-old via social media. He had contacted the teen through Instagram after meeting her outside a Broadway show, and allegedly offered to rent a room to spend time with the “almost 18”-year-old, who later published their exchange online.

Franco later said he was “embarrassed” by the incident, that “social media is tricky” and that he “used bad judgement” but many referred to the incident via Twitter following Franco's win highlighting how contradictory it seemed in light of the sexual harassment allegations that the awards ceremony was dedicated to raising awareness of:







Via Vulture