No money to venture outside anymore? Rejoice - TV3 have your nightly viewing boxed off with their new spring schedule.

OK, on Monday, you're bound to have the fear: Beware Ireland and 24 Hours To Kill

Tuesday night you're so morose you might call into a mate and have a drink, all while loudly judging the state of the wans on their hen nights: Neville’s Doorstep Challenge and Hen Nights.

Wednesday night you're determined to cook something 'cause you've been living on takeaway since Friday night: The Irish Bake Off and Southside Housewives.

Thursday night, your brain is back in fully functioning order, so you gravitate towards a documentary: Titanic, a four part documentary.

Friday you stay in with a take away, far too many bottles of wine and a box of tissues: Come Dine With Me Ireland, Take Me Out Ireland and Tallafornia.

Saturday night all you can bear watching is something bright, fluffy that tells you what to think etc: Alan Hughes' Family Fortunes.

Sunday night, you can either pretend you're capable of answering Mastermind questions or admit defeat and stare slack-jawed at the new series of Dallas. Or you might fancy wallowing in retrospection: Mastermind presented by Nora Owen, Dallas, and As Seen On TV.

Thank you, TV3, Thank you for rehashing tailoring UK shows for an Irish audience. And we don't have to pay you a penny.

Our photographer wandered along to last night's launch in Dublin's Convention Center, the photos of which you can peruse in Caught Out. Expect Vincent Browne's dead eyes and these stunning creatures.