So Naomi Campbell was there. We're not sure exactly why she was there, but - boy - was she there. We'll get to her in (yet) more detail shortly as she falls under our 'confusing' category. First, to those who glammed it up suitably for the occasion.

Bravo to both Jodie Whittaker and Olivia Coleman, who collectively exuded old-school class, especially when compared to their fraught Broadchurch characters.

As for Helena Bonham Carter, it's really nice to see she didn't just charge through her bottomless Vivienne Westwood wardrobe and tumble out through a back door in Narnia for a change. We also want those sunglasses.

Those who also struck the right chord include Laura Whitmore, Amanda Byram (G'WANTHEGERRALS!) and Maria off Corrie.

To the 'confusing' and therefore to Naomi Campbell in full. While this dress was purely made for those with only the best of physiques, we can't help but think it looks like she's about to have open heart surgery, or she got lost on the way to a 'Bodies' exhibition... We do have to applaud the might of that little bit of string there, it's playing an absolute blinder.

And then we have Sheridan Smith. A lot of people have been complaining this morning that the press are only showing 'unflattering photos' of Sheridan and therefore not doing her new doo justice. After locating what can be deemed a nice photo, we can safely say, Sheridan, you pull off the techno skunk hair with aplomb, we're just not sure you should've teamed it with a dress you'd wear to a lunch meeting taking place in an Essex boozer. Now, if she'd worn a nice, long, floaty halterneck number with some chunky jewellery, that would've been stunning.

OK, to Tess Daly. Firstly, have to confess I'm on A LOT of meds at the minute (tonsillitis/ear infection = one major 'infecthead') and the antibiotics I'm on have been known to cause slight hallucinations, but is anyone else seeing hundreds of cockroaches swarming up Tess's dress? If I weren't tripping off me box, the usual summation would be "Tess Daly does the Sugarplum Fairy being done by Beth Lynch"

For some reason, Alex Jones's dress really wants us to know where her Solar Plexus and her Sacral Chakras are.

One can only assume Jamie is whispering "Louise, love, if you're going to do a Mullet Dress, you need to commit to a Mullet Dress. It's like your hem's about to flatline, or it's been nibbled on by the dog, or you've got it caught in the top of your pop sock - what way are you standing anyway, are your knees broken?"

And, finally, to the 'unfortunately hued.' Yes, Olivia Coleman wore a green dress, but that was Emerald green, and it was an entire dress. Your tie, however, Martin Freeman, looks like you've snozzled down the front of your shirt. Or you've gotten a bit nervous and had a little vom, which you're now holding together with a tie pin. Either way, go for ANY other colour apart from lime/snot green next time.