The ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme was one of the biggest trends of 2017 and continues to float around the internet. Now someone has discovered a Charlie Chaplin version of the meme that is brilliantly accurate.

To give you a refresher, the ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme, as pictured above, involves a young man walking around with his girlfriend while checking out another girl, much to the disgust of the girlfriend.

The Charlie Chaplin edition of the meme comes from a 1922 silent film called ‘Pay Day’, in which the movie star (who indeed was quite the player in his time) similarly checked out another woman while walking alongside his wife.


The Twitterverse have been loving the discovery:





One even likened the comparison to the 18th century version of the distracted boyfriend meme that had been uncovered before:


Previously, someone actually made a backstory for the meme through a number of stock photos.

The most recent meme to sweep the internet has been the Captain America giving a pep talk one.