Denzel Washington. Sound man.

Yes, we all basically knew this already but it's so nice to hear a genuine story that proves it.

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman recently revealed in an interview in Rolling Stone magazine that the Oscar-winning actor paid for a then unknown Boseman to study at the University of Oxford

It came about when Boseman was in college and Phylicia Rashad, star of The Cosby Show, was his mentor. The young actor applied to a summer program to study theatre at Oxford and while he was accepted, he couldn't afford to go so Rashad called upon some friends in the entertainment business to help out.

Boseman later realised that Washington was the one who financed his trip, although kept it as as secret so far in his career as he didn't want it to seem like he wanted something more from the actor and wanted to talk to Denzel himself about it first.

He got the opportunity at the New York premiere of Black Panther and you have got to love Denzel's reaction to finding out, telling Boseman, "Oh so that's why I'm here, you owe me money!"

Watch Boseman tell the story below to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show as well as talking about the importance of the political conversations inspired by the Black Panther film.